Thank you so much for choosing to work with The Pink Armadillo. I (Jennifer) take your investment of both time and funds very seriously and am excited to coordinate with you over stories and news. I love our Northwest Houston community very much and I have a passion for small business, family owned businesses, and of course local charities and churches. My dream has always been to help other people achieve their dreams, so I am happy and hopeful that in some small way this program makes that happen.

So you got featured. Now what?

Whether you were quoted as an expert in a story about a complimentary topic, or you were the topic, here are some helpful tips for making the most out of that visibility.

  • Share on social media.
    Let your fans know that you’re getting media coverage! It gives your brand extra credibility when people see it mentioned by a third party. It also generates links to your article which will make it show up better in search engine results (SEO).
  • Post it on your blog for better SEO.
    Your article will feature a link to your website. Google can see that. If you post the first few paragraphs on your blog and insert a “Read More” link pointing to your article, Google can see that too. It can also see all those lovely keywords. This tips Google and other search engines off that you’re an active networker with relevant information that people want to read. It will help your website bump up higher in search engine results.
  • Share in your email newsletter.
    Do this for the same reason you shared on Facebook and Twitter (to impress your fans). Don’t have an email newsletter? We highly recommend you launch one. It gives you direct access to your clients without having to worry about a middle man, like Facebook, limiting your content visibility. And it doesn’t have to be anything complex. Around 300 words every few weeks or a month can keep your brand in the forefront of customer’s minds and contribute to building that valuable relationship.
  • Share with your employees.
    It’s always exciting seeing the company you work for in the news. If ten of your employees share your article, and ten of their friends read it, that’s 100 people – in addition to our readership – who will learn about your business. Word of mouth is PR GOLD.
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