About The Pink Armadillo

Jennifer & Jason Greenberg

Jennifer & husband, Jason Greenberg

Hi y’all! My name is Jennifer Grassman and I’m the publisher, editor, website designer, and writer behind The Pink Armadillo. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved writing. In fact, I launched my first magazine, Christian Teen Magazine (or CTN) when I was only 11. I collected book reports, poems, recipes, and history reports from my friends, typed them all up (most of them were handwritten in pencil on lined paper), decorated each page with cool fonts and clip art, printed it out, and got copies done at our local Kinko’s. I then sold them to my friends at a price that just barely covered printing expenses.

I’ve also long had a passion for small business and charity. As a teenager, with dreams of being the next Sarah McLachlan, I learned about marketing, public relations, and website design, because there was no way I could ever babysit enough to actually hire a professional! I taught myself by researching online, networking with specialists who were (sometimes) generous enough to answer my questions, and good old-fashioned trial and error.

Jennifer Grassman

Jennifer & her second daughter, Leia

I never went to college to be a website designer. I never even took any marketing or PR classes. I was just really darn good at it, and had a knack for researching on my own. I absorbed information and was obsessed with learning more and more. In my early twenties, I was hired by Howie Doyle, publisher of That! Texas Magazine. I wrote oodles and oodles of articles, learned about page layout and magazine design, and basically bugged Howie for information whenever he wasn’t overly busy (or was). That was my first experience seeing how a publishing business was run.

Unfortunately, this was around the time that printed media took a swan-dive as readers began preferring websites and advertisers began preferring digital. It was a very sad day when That! Texas Magazine closed it’s doors, but I had gained invaluable knowledge and experience, and Howie has also moved on to exciting new creative endeavors.

I began freelancing as a writer, penning content for websites, brochures, advertisements, product manuals, and even scripts for radio commercials. My main client was my DREAM employer, a hip marketing company called BrightBox. The company was owned by Jason Arcemont and Patrick McDonough, who I had the luck of meeting in person at a networking event with my friend, Candace Runaas. It was Candace who originally taught me the ins-and-outs of Public Relations.

Anyway, after freelancing for BrightBox for roughly a year, I joined their team to work full time as PR Director. From Jason I learned to think outside the box, manage complex projects, conduct a winning sales pitch, and coordinate a team. From Patrick I learned about website design and SEO, two concepts I’ve honed for years even after leaving the company.

After too many instances of our dear nanny sending me photos of first steps, first foods, and other milestones, I realized I longed to be a stay at home mom. In 2013 I left BrightBox for my baby and my laptop. I still stay in contact with my former colleagues and employers, who continue to excel at everything they do. Every so often we get to work together again, and that’s always a wonderful experience.

In 2015, my fingers were itching to write, so I decided to launch The Pink Armadillo. It’s a community-centric magazine devoted to Northwest Houston, my home. People often ask how I came up with the name. The armadillo has long been a symbol of Texas to me as a quirky little critter that’s reclusive and iconic, and as the mother of three little girls EVERYTHING is pink. Combine those two facts and BOOM! The Pink Armadillo.

By the end of 2016, in order to better serve small businesses and local charities, I’d contrived a unique way to make public relations affordable on just about any budget. In February, 2017, I relaunched The Pink Armadillo to feature the Business Directory, and our exclusive Marketing Memberships which I am particularly proud of. It’s an experiment in business promotion that I’m extremely excited about. As far as I’m aware, no one else is doing anything quite like it.

And the rest is … the future! I hope you’ll join me on my new adventure as I work to support families and entrepreneurs with vision and promise. God bless you, and I hope you enjoy The Pink Armadillo.

Laura Jane Kilgore

CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, Author of Dosmestology

Laura Jane Kilgore was born and raised, homeschooled and college-educated right here in good ole’ H-town. She’s lived and worked from downtown to the ‘burbs and agrees that this is one amazing town.

After taking a Creative Writing course in college as an elective, Laura quickly realized that words, not numbers, were her forte. She changed her major from mathematics to writing and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Houston – Downtown. With her degree, internships in the real estate and aerospace (NASA) industries, and some freelance experience under her belt, she got a position as a Technical Writer at BP through a local documents development contractor, Wilson & Associates.

Having put in just over three years at BP, Laura quit the corporate realm of technical documents and bottom lines, and eagerly embarked on a new and creative adventure. She loves all things DIY, including baking, paper crafting, and home décor. But more than anything, she loves words!

Right now, she is working as a contributing editor for the Pink Armadillo, a freelance writer and editor, and an amateur baker. Laura hopes, one day soon, to write and publish children’s books and has always dreamed of owner her own café. But for now, she is very happy with her life here in Houston.

To find out more about Laura and her freelancing business, check out her website at www.LauraJaneKilgore.com.