Diabetics: Instead of Insulin Injections, You Can Now Inhale it!

FOX 26 News — Big news for diabetes sufferers: instead of injecting insulin, you now have the option of inhaling it.

At first glance it may appear Ramone Townes is using an asthma inhaler or taking a breathalyzer test. But that’s not what’s happening. He’s using his insulin inhaler that his doctor introduced him to just three months ago.

“Convenience, you can take it anywhere, you don’t have to worry about people freaking out because you’re pulling out a needle,” Townes said.

You can now inhale insulin instead of injecting it It’s called Afrezza. It’s an inhaler to control diabetes. The inhaled insulin was approved by the FDA in 2014. You place the insulin medication in the cartridge of the inhaler, pop it shut and then breathe in.

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