VIDEO: Deaf Baby Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time

At three months old, Cody Ford is tiny, but his hearing aids are a big deal. Because children’s ears grow so rapidly, it’s not practical to purchase hearing aids for them. Instead, the devices are rented out, but can still run anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 each time a new pair is needed. Unfortunately, Texas is one of about 30 states that doesn’t require health insurance companies to cover children’s hearing aids. After their experience with Cody, the Ford family is setting out to change that.

In addition to hearing loss, Cody has digestive issues and a condition causing low blood sugar. His parents get an alert every five minutes from a monitor attached to their beautiful baby boy in case his blood sugar drops too low. So, when Cody’s parents found out that their baby, who was enduring so much, couldn’t hear them telling him “I love you,” it was heartbreaking.

Cody is blessed that his parents were able to fund his first set of hearing aids. Many other children however are forced to go without.  Thanks to a program called Jumpstart To Listening at the Center for Hearing and Speech, Cody has been fitted with a pair of miniature hearing aids. He heard his mother’s voice for the first time, and they caught his precious reaction on camera.

The Ford family is now working hard to advocate for deaf Texan children. They’re advocating to pass bill HB490 / SB552 which will require Texas health insurance companies to cover hearing aids and cochlear implants for children. Hearing, Cody’s family points out, is not elective or cosmetic, but absolutely necessary for healthy childhood development.

You can help the Ford family advocate by signing a petition on their website at

“I got to tell my baby I loved him for the first time,” Sarah Ford told ABC 13. “There’s nothing like seeing their face light up whenever you say, ‘I love you.'”

If you would like to help Cody’s parents as they care for their son, you can donate through their GoFundMe page at

If you would like to help Cody’s parents as they care for their son, you can donate through their GoFundMe page at

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